What can construction expect to face in 2021?

What can construction expect to face in 2021?


2021 is in full swing, so we thought that we would give you an insight into what’s expected to happen in the UK’s Construction Sector this year.

Industry experts are predicting that the construction business is likely to experience a gradual and sustained recovery over the next two years. Health and safety measures will most likely continue as the UK is currently in its third national lockdown and as construction sites remain open.

The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is expected to increase consumer confidence and will lead to a rise in the number of individuals undertaking construction projects.

There are also predictions of increased public sector investment, particularly in road schemes to underpin construction recovery and school building projects as councils seek to reduce the nation’s shortage of available secondary school places.

There have also been promises made about increases to NHS capital funding which is expected to lead to the advent of more building projects. The Government has further promised to boost investment in infrastructure and there is an expectation that civil engineering projects disrupted by lockdown last year will recover in 2021.

New customs regulations and non-tariff barriers as a result of Brexit may disrupt supply chains which will lead to material shortages and increased costs which may in turn slow down future building projects.

Brexit is also expected to shrink the availability of skilled site labour in the country, so it is advised that firms should invest in digital and design solutions that reduce the amount of time spent on site at the pre-construction and construction stage of projects.

Do you think that firms need to be wise and invest in virtual services to cut down their reliance on on-site labour and any difficulties they may face in hiring skilled workers as a result of the challenges presented by Covid-19 and Brexit? Or do you believe that the Covid-19 vaccine will help to get the country back to normality and ultimately lead to recovery in the construction industry?