Measured Surveys with Preme

Measured Surveys with Preme


Did you know we also undertake measured surveys at Preme 360°?

Measured surveys involve taking measurements of sites or buildings in order to produce accurate drawings to scale. They are usually specified to an agreed level of detail, to acceptable accuracy tolerances, scale, delivery times and costs

Our experienced Surveyors were able to attend a client’s property who were thinking of progressing with an extension. We provided the customer with detailed/scaled CAD drawings (front elevations, back elevations, sections and existing floor plans) whilst also detailing the finishes within the property from our industry expertise.

We provide floor plans, elevations and sections and undertake the survey to the latest edition of RICS guidance notes.

If your customers would benefit from our measured surveys, then feel free to drop us an email at or 0203 488 5751 to find out more about what we can do for you!