Estate Agents To Become Digital First Post Pandemic

Estate Agents To Become Digital First Post Pandemic


The recent pandemic has affected all of us countless ways, but as we approach the long awaited lift on restrictions, we can start to see that life as we know it will be forever modified and it’s paramount that businesses, specifically the property industry adapt to this.  One of the most obvious considerations is the continued need for social distancing, which will need to be observed throughout the buying and rental processes.

Today, technology has gone beyond looking at images of a home on a website.  Remote viewings allow buyers to speak to their respective agents, ask questions and get all the information they would’ve otherwise received at the property itself.  3D virtual tours place the buyer inside their prospective property making it easier to visualise the space inside reducing the need to visit as many properties as before, since the client can already virtually walk through properties and then select the ones to visit that interest them the most.

James Mackenzie, senior director of property consultancy Strutt & Parker said “We’ve seen an 83 percent increase week-on-week in 3D house tours during lockdown, additionally we’ve had serious offers from people who have taken a virtual viewing.”

Virtual tours are a compelling and accessible way of enhancing a property’s potential through online marketing, increased sales efficiency and primarily ensuring the maximum amount of interested buyers can interact with the property.

Some of the clear benefits of 3D tours revolve around the social distancing element that has been forced upon us all in the UK, however there are some key benefits to for agents themselves including;

  • Saves time – Meeting each lead for a property can be incredibly time consuming, as some are likely to be curious and have no real intention to purchase.  A 3d virtual tour will satiate curiosity and allow you to focus on real leads.
  • Saves money – Travel costs can be an issue when your saleable property is some distance away.  This can be compounded when you’re showing multiple people the property throughout the day/week.
  • Low maintenance – 3D tours will alleviate the need to synchronise with the property sellers to allow viewings. 

Google also commissioned an independent survey to establish the impact of virtual tours. It found those who viewed a listing with a virtual tour were twice as likely to do business while properties listed with 3D walkthroughs can also achieve more than four times the enquiries and generate 49% more leads

Based on this, it’ll come as no surprise to learn that high street agents are also now using 3D virtual tours to reaffirm their sales process.  By viewing these tours in the actual branch with prospective buyers to ascertain which ones to see in person.  Clearly even the most traditional agent can see a digitised future in the property industry, and as such is willing to onboard these technologies to add further value to the client experience.

This technology has been utilised not just in property, but also in more common retail environments.  GoInstore has seen revenue more than double throughout the pandemic as they look to humanise experiences in the digital world, connecting customers who opt for a personalised video experience when purchasing larger items such as  furniture and bicycles.

We provide 3D virtual tours, floorplans and professional photography to facilitate the transition into offering remote viewing.  Please contact us to find out more.